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About Us

  • Promoting sustainable forest practices and protections for old growth forests and biodiversity. Ideas: Add “through education and advocacy.” Add “collaboration.” What about urban forests? Is this too broad, too limiting? Mel suggested: “Promoting sustainable forest practices, protection of watersheds, biodiversity and old growth forests”? Please read this example from CV Nature to see the bullet point idea.

We are a BC-based, grassroots group created as a venue for sharing information about forestry practices and the state of forests in BC, and on Vancouver Island specifically. It is also a place to share relevant posts and to ask questions, to make connections with like-minded individuals, and to support other organizations and events that promote more sustainable forestry practices and protections for watersheds and old growth.

Currently there is an urgent need to get educated and to educate others about the imminent loss of our precious remaining old-growth forests on Vancouver Island to encourage citizens to take actions that, hopefully, will contribute to these ecosystems being saved.


To this end, at the present time SOFT-CV is focusing largely on creating and promoting events around old-growth issues and encouraging members to visit other Facebook pages (and other social media) that are also focusing on this important issue. Expect to find links to information regarding the ongoing actions being taken to protect such areas as Fairy Creek, Eden Grove, and the Caycuse and Walbran valleys.

Please ask to join the SOFT-CV Facebook page if you feel you might be of value to the movement or if you would like to be more informed - we are a diverse group of volunteers who feel strongly about saving our watersheds and Old Growth, and about having more sustainable forestry practices instituted in BC. Your voice is welcome

SOFT-CV is an unincorporated non-profit association run entirely by volunteers. We have no paid staff and no public-facing office. Our overhead costs include a Zoom account and website expenses.

We are financially sustained by donations from individuals and do fundraising at various events we attend, as well as the sale of various small items with a pro-sustainable forestry message (decals, greeting cards, lawn signs).  

Financial contributions are welcomed! Please send us an e-transfer using the email:


We stand for sustainable forestry

We respect Indigenous rights & title, consultation with First Nations, and First Nations economic development. We support an immediate halt to the logging of old-growth forests, which are essential to Indigenous cultural practices, and we urge both the federal and provincial governments to provide conservation financing to First Nations as well as sustainable and economically viable alternatives to logging.

Get involved

We encourage people to take action by:

  • getting out into their watersheds and documenting logging industry practices

  • making their voices heard through participating in public and government consultation processes

  • being willing to engage directly in the protection and restoration of sensitive watershed ecosystems, and currently more specifically in saving old growth on Vancouver Island

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